Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Opening Day

School #72 is embracing technology in several areas (communications and integration into curriculum). At this time both labs were installed in May of '04 (Computer Room and LMC). All classrooms are fully wired and employ 3-6 computers in each classroom. All staff, including teacher aides have been assigned Lotus Notes accounts. We communicate regularly via Lotus Notes. We are mastering the creation of mail lists (i.e. "special ed teachers", "Reading First Teachers", etc.) Some of are using attachments effectively (i.e. distribution of forms for teachers to keep in their electronic "file cabinets". We are exploring the transmission of I.E.P.'s to teachers, after we scan the I.E.P.'s into Word documents. State Ed Department has agreed to allow this practice because it is secure. We plan on saving a lot of paper and the teachers can access the I.E.P.'s anytime they want. We even have several teachers sending their lesson plans to us as an attachment. Several teachers are using PowerPoint for instructional purposes. Our Tech Team is working with Bill's staff at central office to research and select a grading program that can be installed on our school server or web-based. We continue to use web grading to post our quarterly grades to the district's student information system. We have recently volunteered to be a pilot school for the district for a new electronic I.E.P. system. Because of our technological status the district agrees and we will be one of three pilot schools.

The Reading First Program has had a significant effect on our technology in several areas. With the $816,000. grant we received state-of-the-art software, laptops and palm pilots for DIBELS reading assessments and can now test a student, using the software on the palm in less than 5 minutes and sycronize the data to the laptop which transmits the data to the web (mClass) which in turn returns the assessment data back to the teacher in the form of an adiministrator's report, teacher's report and a parent's report. We have received research based software (Wiggle Works & Leap Frog) for instructional purposes. Reading First teachers (K-3 and Special Ed) are completing their professional development requirements in the school labs on the web.

More to come.


At December 16, 2004 at 4:49 PM, Blogger sjbrooks-young said...

Larry, I am so impressed! People just need to get out of your way and let you go for it. You guys have done so much in a very short time. Can't wait to hear more.

I'm working with a group of principals in Chicago who may want to hear about your success with Reading First. Can you tell me more?


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